The Daughters of Elizabeth

"In France, it has long been held that men alone may stand in the line of succession, no matter how great a claim the women of their house hold. Yet men have ever brought trouble and dissention to our fair realm of England, so let us now try a different course." Elizabeth, Queen of England, 1587

What if Elizabeth I had forged in England a reversal of Salic law: that inheritance of the throne would pass only through daughters of the line, never through sons? With no daughters herself, the line would have to begin anew from her grandparents - to the Yorkist claim of her grandmother Elizabeth of York, whose place in the line of succession had been usurped by her uncle Richard III, and then by her own husband...

Historical monarchs and wives of monarchs are bolded. Other members of the line of succession are italicised. Only children and consorts relevant to the succession are included.

Edward IV of England
b. 1442, r. 1461-1470, 1471-1483

Elizabeth of York
== Henry VII of England

Henry VIII of England

1. Elizabeth I
b. 1533, r. 1558-1603
Queen of England