Born on English Soil

What if... the throne of England could only be inherited by an heir born within the realm they would inherit? Male-preference primogeniture because historical sexism.

Historical monarchs are bolded. Other members of the line of succession are italicised. Only children and consorts relevant to the succession are included.

1. William I the Conqueror
b. 1028, r. 1066-1087
== Matilda of Flanders

2. Robert I Curthose
b. 1051, r. 1087-1106, d. 1134
== Sybilla of Conversano

Throne siezed by Henry I.
3. Henry I Beauclerc
b. 1068, r. 1106-1135
== Matilda of Scotland

4. Matilda I the Empress
b. 1102, r. 1135-1167
== Geoffrey Plantagenet