The Gloriouser Revolution

In 1688, the Parliament of England overthrew its second king: ousting the Catholic James II, it invited in his daughter and son-in-law to take the throne as Mary II and William III. Not long thereafter, it instituted new laws to ensure that no Catholic could ever take the throne. The trigger for all this was the birth of a son, James, to the king, who supplanted his sisters in the line of succession.

Let's imagine a different Glorious Revolution: rather than straight up kicking out the king, Parliament bullied him into changing the law of succession. Now, the eldest child of the monarch would take the throne, male or female. Prince James was no longer Crown Prince, but sat third in line to the throne.

-1. Charles I
b. 1600, r. 1625-1649
== Henrietta Maria

0. Charles II
b. 1630, r. 1660-1685

1. James II
b. 1633, r. 1685-1701
== (1) Anne Hyde
== (2) Mary of Modena

2. Anne
b. 1665, r. 1701-1714
== George of Denmark
3. James III
b. 1688, r. 1714-1766
== Maria Clementina Sobieska

4. Charles III
b. 1720, r. 1766-1788
5. Henry IX
b. 1725, r. 1788-1807

6. Amalie
b. 1794, r. 1807-1870
== Franciscus
de Merendonque

7. Ludwig
b. 1845, r. 1870-1921
== Maria Theresia

8. Rupprecht
b. 1869, r. 1921-1955
== Marie Gabrielle

9. Albrecht
b. 1905, r. 1955-1996
== Marita Franziska

10. Marie Gabrielle
b. 1931, r. 1996-present
== Georg

b. 1958