The World of Lijatac
The setting.
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According to Malij scholars of the year 2640, the world was created in the year -3000. At this time two groups of humans appeared by means unknown, one in central Kolij, the other in southern Keranis. It is possible that a third group came into existence on the undiscovered land, or they may be later migrants.

From their first homelands, the people spread across the world. The first of the great empires was founded in Lij, and it was exiles from Lij who founded Malij. On Poranis, a group of exiles fled Keranis, heading up the eastern side of the mountain range and back down the west to finally settle in Tesyvil.

After the Empire of Lij crumbled, the power in Lijatac shifted to Malij and Tumino. Tumino settled colonies across southern Lijatac, while Malij crossed the Storm Ocean to colonise Seminora.

By the present time the Tumino empire has faded like the Lij before it, while Malij's dominions have formed a sort of commonwealth. Malij has become the dominant power on Lijatac, facilitating trade and smoothing diplomatic relations, and the Malij language is heard in every port.
The nation of Malij is an archipelago off the northern coast of Lijatac. It dominates the trade routes between the economic centres to the south and the northern nations, and due to the climate of the Storm Ocean is a key stop on the route to and from Seminora.

Landlocked, isolated Tesyvil lies on the shores of the freshwater lake Tiskol. This tropical nation, with rainforests to the south, can still become bitterly cold in winter.

Little is known about the undiscovered land (obviously), save that it lies closer to the pole than any other landmass, and is likely rather cold.
Malij is the centre of the northern world. Controlling all trade with the Poranis empires (via their neighbouring colonies on Seminora), it has established itself as a mediator between the often-fracticious nations of Tumino and Chenug.

For two thousand years the people of Tesyvil were completely isolated, developing their language and culture independantly. Unlike the rest of the world, they are religious, believing in a single deity who guided them out of Keranis and gave them their language, whole and complete. Remarkably, there is some evidence that this may be true. Under the guidance of this 'Tes', they have recently expanded to the west, coming into contact with an ancient Lij colony, and starting a bloody war.
The Malij language is the de jure trading language of Lijatac, spread by diplomatic contact and the former Malij colonies. Ultimately it is a descendant of Original Kolij, by way of the Lij language, a heritage it shares with Chenug and Tumino.

Uset, the language of Tesyvil, appears to be completely unrelated to any other known language - it seems to have been created as a unit sometime after their departure from Keranis.

The language of the unknown continent embodies a third (or fourth, after the Keranis language family) linguistic tradition, and is different by far from any of the others.