The Twisted Skein

2034 -- A Minor Correction

Dacea Illian held the strange assembly of silvery metal and transparent glass between two fingers with the expression of one who has just discovered a scorpion in her sandal. "What... is it for?"

Tanfin shrugged slightly. "I asked around on Earth for something that could help with your eyes," he said. "That was what they gave me. It's something to do with light, I think."

Dacea frowned. "A talisman of Phoibos Apollo? But there is no cord, chain or pin. How am I to wear it?" She turned the item over, studying it. Across the room, Aphela laughed.

"Honestly, you two!" the nymph exclaimed. "Have you really never seen glasses before?"

Tanfin blinked. "Glass?" he repeated. "They had that back ho-- back in Malij... not sure what you mean, though."

Aphela rolled her eyes, looking between the two of them. "Seriously, you need to get out more. Look--" She hopped down from her perch on the table and crossed to Dacea's side. Taking the glasses from the puzzled Oceanid, she opened the arms and hooked them over her own ears. "See?" she said, turning her head to either side and showing them off. Removing them, she held them out. "Now you."

Warily, Dacea took the glasses from her niece and placed them on her own head. "They don't seem to fit," she said.

"That's because you've got them on upside down," Aphela said with a grin. "Honestly."

"... I knew that." Turning the glasses over, the daughter of Okeanos perched them on her nose and then jerked her head back suddenly. "This is the work of the gods!" she exclaimed. "I can, I can see everything!" Lifting her hand in front of her face, she turned it slowly, as if savouring every angle.

Aphela smiled affectionately. "If it's a god's work, it'd be Hephaestus. It's simply craft, oh sister of my mother." She glanced at Tanfin. "Not that she's listening," she added, and after a moment, "but nor are you."

Tanfin ignored her. He was too busy watching his wife's expression as she examined her hand in detail - something she had never before been able to do. After a few more moments she looked up at him, her face split by a wide grin, and crossed the floor to his side. "Do you like them?" the elf asked.

"Like them?" Dacea exclaimed. "Tanfin, they're, they are incredible! I cannot begin to -- I can see you, my husband. I stand a mere handspan away from you and I can see your face in perfect detail. This is a true wonder, Tanfin." She wrapped her arms tight around him, her silver bangles bumping against his back.

Tanfin smiled. "I'm glad you like them," he said, returning her embrace and looking into her eyes. "So very glad." And he kissed her tenderly on the lips.

Aphela coughed, and the couple broke off their kiss to look at her. "That's better," the nymph said. "I think they suit you, you know, Dacea."

Her aunt blushed, ducking her head slightly. "Do you really think so?" she asked, and glanced at Tanfin. The elf nodded emphatically.

"You look good, Dacea," he said. "Very good, in fact. Er..." He glanced at Aphela, who rolled her eyes.

"By Zeus would you look at the time," the girl said flatly. "I do believe I have somewhere to be which is not here for approximately one hour. I will see you then." As she turned towards the door she tossed her hair and muttered, "And they say we're bad."

When the door had closed behind the departing nymph, Tanfin looked at his wife. The silver of her new glasses matched her earrings and bracelets perfectly, and against her simple white chiton they made her, in his eyes, a vision of divine beauty. "Well," he said, "now that she's gone..."

Dacea smiled slyly. "Scrabble?" she suggested.

Tanfin shook his head. "No, you always trounce me at Scrabble," he said. "I think... chess. Olympian variation."

Dacea laughed. "I will fetch the board," she said. "And, Tanfin?"

"Yes, Dacea?"

"I do love you, I hope you know."

Tanfin nodded. "I know. I love you, too."

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