The Twisted Skein

The Continuous Council

Now it was in a time when Rhodes slept, and the green world blossomed, that the Gods reasoned together. For Jay and Acacia grew weary of war, and Cam and the Mini-Balrogs wept each night for the pain they suffered; yet the humans of the PPC could not stand against the full wrath of the Mysterious Somebody and his Sues.

Thus in council with the Gods did Makes-Things the Smith set forth a plan, that a wall might be built around the world of HQ. "And let it be wrought from the powers of the Gods," said he, "that the rogue God who we call the Mysterious Somebody might never break it."

Then from the earth of HQ did Makes-Things take seven jewels of the rarest quality, each of purest white, and he wrought them into the likeness of Gods or of humans. And he beseeched each of the Gods in turn, that they take of their power and give it unto the jewels.

Then did the Floating Hyacinth take up a jewel, and filled it with the power of the Ocean; and the jewel was filled with a red light, and became as the finest of rubies.

And together did Jay, Acacia, and Cam send forth their weary might into another jewel; and it flickered with orange flame, and seemed the very eye of the most ferocious tiger.

And the Sunflower Official did take one crystal aside, and none know in what fashion he wrought it; but when he returned it was the purest yellow citrine.

And the Sub Rosa knelt in deep thought beside one jewel through all that day, and lo! When she looked again upon it, it was filled with the deep green hues of jade.

And Fitzgerald put forth his powers of healing upon a jewel, and smoothed its facets of crystal; and from his touch did a blue light spread, and the crystal became like sapphire.

And Luxury too took her jewel aside, and beckoned Dafydd and Constance after her, and for all the day they were absent; and returning, they brought with them a crystal of the most vivid pink amethyst.

And finally did Bast and Kit together claim a crystal, and fought over it; for they were Gods divided between themselves, and ever in conflict. And the power of their feud seeped into the jewel, and it became grey spinel.

And when all the jewels had been filled with power, Makes-Things did take them up again. And carrying them into the very centre of the palace of the Gods, he bound the figures together, hand to hand, in one Continuous Council. Then, behold! When the last had been joined to the first, and the circle stood unbroken, the jewels were filled with the light of life; and the Gods marvelled to behold it.

And in their circle did the jewels begin to dance, circling around and around. Then did the Gods behold a wondrous thing: for the space within the circle began to grow, though the Continuous Council of jewels expanded not. And in this strange fashion did the jewels which stood still within the great hall of the gods nevertheless come to encompass all of HQ.

Then did the Gods go out amongst the humans, and they beheld that the shadow of the Bracket Fungus was lifted from them; decay came not upon them, nor death. And Dafydd and Constance the parents of all embraced each other, and wept for joy that their children had been so preserved by Makes-Things' craft.

The Gods travelled to the outer limits of HQ, and looking beyond the boundary wrought by Makes-Things they saw the Mysterious Somebody come to wage war upon them, with the Bracket Fungus and all their Sues at his back. Then did Jay and Acacia prepare once more for war; but the Mysterious Somebody could not pass the Continuous Council, and was rebuffed. So did the Gods return to their home once more, rejoicing in their victory.

But Legal looked upon their celebrations from afar, and thought them ill, for Legal knows all things, and foresaw the true end of the Gods' designs; for without death the humans of the PPC would spread across HQ and fill it entirely, and drain the waters from the Ocean and take all food from the lands. Then would the Gods be forced, weeping, to wage war against them - and not even Legal could foresee the victor of that conflict.

Thus on a night did Legal creep into the shadows of the Gods' hall, and reaching out a finger, did imbue the dancing yellow jewel with a new power. And even as Legal slipped once more away, darkness spread across the face of the crystal.

When morning came, the Sunflower Official looked with horror upon his jewel; for the light of the citrine had become all black, as impenetrable as onyx. And even as he watched, the onyx jewel broke from the circle, and span away across the hall; and immediately did decay come once again upon the humans of HQ, and from the borders of the world were the trumpets of war heard, and the Continuous Council was broken forever.

Yet the designs of the Gods were not all in vain; for six of the seven jewels remained faithful. Thus was the aging of the humans was much slowed, that they grew not to adulthood in a single day, but lived their lives over many years. So too was the flow of the Sues lessened, and until the onset of the Urple Tide the Gods and humans of HQ lived in little fear.

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