The Twisted Skein

The New World

On Origin the Gods dwelt and ever watched
The Ironic Overpower's domain.
But from beyond their world there came another
A threat from ancient times renewed, unseen:
The Mysterious Somebody came forth
To wreck and ruin all their works that day.

The Gods were all at rest; they never saw
Their foe drew near, and stretching forth his hand
Took from their green world and made new life.
A God he forged: the Bracket Fungus rose
A Lord of Death, Decay and rotting things
He took that world into his grasp and tore.

The world of Origin was rent in twain;
the Gods into the darkness fell again.
While Cam and all her troops came forth to war
And Jay, Acacia rode to face the Sues
Within the core of Origin, new light
Out from the old came something wholly new.

The Mighty Smith, Makes-Things called by men,
Who wields the portal and the laser gun;
He rose from ruin: science was his gift
Technology he brought unto the Gods
Weapons he forged, the first that ever were
And freely gave to Cam and Minis bold.

The Sues arrived; their blood like water flowed
That glinting glitter stained the wide expanse.
The Overpower's land was torn by war
The Fungus and his Master urged them on
And even Mini-Balrogs could not stand
So Jay and proud Acacia took up arms!

They fought the Sues, and drove them back again,
And cast them from that place with steel and fire,
But both the Gods sustained a single wound:
Their sacred blood was spilled upon the ground,
And from that place arose, ere war had ceased,
New Gods again: they joined the fight at once.

Fitzgerald is the Lord with Healing Hands
Who from the eager Jay's wounds sprang full-formed
And staunched the blood of Gods and Balrogs both.
Then from Acacia's life-blood rose another
The Floating Hyacinth, who rules the waves;
With water strong she swept the Sues away!

The war was won: the Gods in celebration sung
But with a silent voice came words of woe:
The Overpower, Lord of Luck and Fate
By fighting had been weakened near to death
It spoke to Makes-Things, bade him hear Its words
And told him of a new foundation strong.

Obedient, the Smith stretched out his hands,
And took the Overpower's substance strong
To mould and shape, a new world to create
He globed it 'midst the void, a Godly home
And named it HQ, for reasons we know not
He showed the Gods: the SO called it good.

Now as the Gods descended, Makes-Things stood,
And spoke again with Fate's primeval Lord
Which gave Its final breath, all that remained,
The last of Its own fabric, and It died.
But Makes-Things worked in secret, and he forged
Legal, Who determines all that is.

Upon their world of HQ stood the Gods,
And saw it barren, lifeless at that time.
The Hyacinth sent forth her waters pure
And filled the oceans of that new-made world,
But even Bast's great blessings had no power
To beautify the land on which they walked.

Then rested for a season the Great Gods
Until one morning a new sound they heard:
A bird sang far away, and in the ground
Green grass began to grow. The Gods conversed
And swift departed from their well-built hall
To seek the source of this bounty of life.

Far over HQ's lands they did roam
Led by SO and Sub Rosa fair
Until at last the eyes of Jay beheld
A wondrous forest, mighty trees and beasts.
They entered in, and long their journey was
Ere first they cast their eyes upon the Pool.

For in the forest's heart there lay a Pool
Of water radiant and mirror-still
And by that Pool they saw a figure slept:
A new God who they never knew before.
They woke him there: he named himself as Rhodes,
But as he woke a cold wind shook the trees.

The Gods departed, turning to their halls
And with them Rhodes, to feast among his kin.
This God was full of merriment and song,
His spirit the most joyful of them all,
And though at night his kin lay down to rest
He slept not, but watched the world outside.

One day the Gods from morning-meal were called
By Rhodes, who bade them view the outer lands.
Within their lofty palaces they watched
As beyond the crystal windows, o'er HQ,
The winds blew cold, the world grew still and dead,
And icy snow fell soft upon the ground.

Across the forest where once Rhodes had slept
A silence fell: life spoke its song no more;
The Gods mourned and debated with themselves:
What was the cause? What act had done this harm?
But all were stirred from speaking by a sigh:
A yawn of weariness from merry Rhodes.

Now came all clear: the order of the world
Was written by a Higher One than they.
And Makes-Things wondered after Legal's plan
But knew it not, nor did he ever find
The reason of all things, though long he sought
To know Its mind, and understand Its ways.

For now the Gods had seen the plan revealed:
That Rhodes would wake, and sleep, and wake again.
And as he slept the living world would grow
The trees would flourish, birds would sweetly sing,
But when he woke the hoar-frost would arrive,
All life would cease its growing and be still.

As Rhodes grew weary, so the Gods set out
And crossed the frozen waste of HQ's ground
Until at last they came upon the forest
And passing underneath the bare-branched trees
Drew nigh at last to the unshadowed glade
And lay their kinsman Rhodes beside the Pool.

At once the world awoke, the wind grew warm,
And in the trees a bird began to sing
As Rhodes returned to slumber for a time.
The Gods went to their halls for a half a year
Then came again to see their merry friend.
And so the seasons passed, as Legal planned.

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