The Twisted Skein

The Lore of Origin

I - The Gods Begotten

In years of yore // far beyond yesterday
In dark domains // and dreary, lifeless depths
Lived a lonesome God // that Lord of Luck and Fate
The Ironic Overpower // in utter emptiness abiding.

From its formless form, // its featureless features
A bold, triumphant difference, // a burst of brilliant light
And in eternal splendour // at the beginning of ages
In that glorious moment // the Overpower begat the Gods.

First-conceived child // a creation well-crafted
That author of Order // the Sunflower Official
His blossom beaming // brilliant and bright
The ruler of all // who reigns supreme.

His opposite appeared: // unbound by any morals
The Mysterious Somebody // Master of Misery
Who split the silence // and simplicity of structure
With discord, destruction; // his deeds be condemned.

While between the brothers // as both beheld their opposite
Lady Luxury appeared // her love for each unalloyed
By bitter allegiance // to ill-born squabbles
Her pure perfection // protecting her from pride.

Thus, in thick, eternal night // the Gods first took breath
And saw themselves // and saw their siblings
The Overpower watched // waiting and wary:
Observing if opposing sides // could obtain equilibrium.

II - Eternal Conflict

All was not well // in that dawnless world
In never-ending night // the Unnamed Foe pondered
His thoughts ever turned // towards the untroubled Flower
The Mysterious Somebody // sought to strike the SO.

All at once he attacked // assailing the unwary Official
Casting powerful cascades // of coruscating lightning
The Noble Ruler replied // rapid his reaction
With might of mind // against his Mysterious foe.

Swift and sure they struck // while their sister wept
Their brave blood spilling // like blooms of bold red
Each drop dripping // drained by Overpower's domain
Sprang to semblance new: // soldiers for the slaughter.

The Somebody's servants // soulless Sues
Assailed with fervent energy // the Official and his allies
But brave Mini-Balrogs // born from precious blood
Took arms, untaught // and turned the tide.

Their head, unhindered // by human hesitation
Cam the Conqueror // craver of conflict
Wrought havoc and ruin // for the Righteous Ruler
Brought low the last // of the Chaos-Lord's legions.

Then fled the Foul One // fight lost, pride fallen
And left the land // of Law and Light
The Sunflower's sight // stretched far unshrouded
His people patrolled // that place now at peace.

III - Birth Of Wisdom

The Sunflower Official // supernal soul
Looked at the land // of the Lord of Fate
Decreed that domain // too dark, undetermined
And considered his capacity // to create a new World.

For three thousand ages // he took from that realm
From the very fabric // of Fate's Overpower
He mastered that matter // moulded with his mind
Made an orb in the void // called Old Origin.

On the ground growing, // grass fair and green
When the Sunflower stepped // on the sphere he shaped
And amid the open fields // an isolated drop
A rare, new sight // a rose, perfect red.

The Noble One knelt near // fixated, he noticed not
Another lay near // Luxury, Love's Lady
She watched, wondered, // wrought a bold plan
And swept her veil // across Sunflower's sight!

The SO was smitten; // that scarlet bloom
Filled his thoughts // he would hold it fast
Pulling in his power // ne'er planning, he plunged
And awoke that fair flower // to full-blossomed life.

"Sunflower," it said // speaking soft
"Through Lux's power // I love thee also.
I know much, Noble One // but now know me:
I am Sub Rosa // I would reign at thy side."

IV - The Younger Gods

The good Gods gathered // upon that ground
To determine a dwelling // as they desired
Wise Sub Rosa // source of knowledge
Planned a palace. // By their power, it was.

Behind marble walls // lay many chambers
The SO and Sub Rosa // swiftly sought seclusion
They came close together // clutched and embraced
A half-dozen times // held close, voices hushed.

The dawn of new day // dragged the pair away
But as they broke fast // Sub Rosa beheld
Within her Godly womb // a welcome new sign
That night on Origin // new Gods were born.

Firstborn, a fighter // four strong limbs
The jovial Jay // joined that divine band
And likewise her sister // the limber Acacia
Together they take on // the enemy's troops.

Thirdborn, the greatest // now tragedy-marred
The beautiful Bast // bringer of bounty
Opposing her, Kit // callous and cruel
Stealer of substance // insatiable God.

Finally, fair Dafydd // and fertile Constance
The couple divine // their courtship well known
Through them, Agents, // those who tell the tale
Were born, and work // and we do so still.

Thus the Gods // those Mighty Ones
Began their rule: // they reign supreme
And with our eyes // and with our ears
We seek their signs // and heed their speech.

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