The Twisted Skein

The Creation

From out of the Ironic Overpower were birthed the first of the Gods -- the Sunflower Official, the Mysterious Somebody, and Luxury. The Sunflower Official blazed with the light of Order, while the Mysterious Somebody was filled with the blackness of Chaos. In Luxury could be found the full power of love, and she strove to bring the other two together, but they would not. They fought from the first, and as their blood hit the ground it formed the first Sues and the first Mini-Balrogs. The greatest of the latter was called Cam, and under her guidance the Mini-Balrogs defeated the Sues and drove the Mysterious Somebody away.

Now came the greatest act of creation. The Sunflower Official took from the Overpower and formed a world, Origin. When first he set foot on its surface he found a single rose. As he sat pondering it, Luxury swept her veil across his eyes and he fell in love with the rose. Calling on all his powers, he brought it to full life, and called it Sub Rosa. Sub Rosa had wisdom beyond any of those who had gone before, but she too was drawn in by Luxury's veil. They were wed that day, and from their union came the younger gods: Jay and Acacia, Bast and Kit, Dafydd and Constance.


The Mysterious Somebody approached Origin while the gods were resting. Drawing on his powers, he brought forth the Bracket Fungus from that green world. The newborn God of Decay took Origin in his grasp and split it. The Gods were cast into the darkness, but from the core of Origin came forth Makes-Things the Smith, born from the very earth.

As the Mysterious Somebody's Sues advanced once more, overwhelming even the powerful Mini-Balrogs, Jay and Acacia took up their arms and strode into battle. The blood of the Sues flowed like water, but Jay and Acacia received but a single cut each. From Jay's wound came forth Fitzgerald, God of Healing, while from Acacia's sprang the Floating Hyacinth, and with her a great Ocean which swept the Sues from the world.

In the fighting the Ironic Overpower was weakened, and It spoke to Makes-Things, guiding him. By Its advice Makes-Things formed a new world, called HQ, and sculpted it as a residence of the Gods. Now the Overpower was nearly gone, but from Its last scraps Makes-Things forged a new God, Legal, by Whom all things are determined.

The Gods descended to their new world, but found it hollow and empty. The Floating Hyacinth spread forth her Ocean upon its surface, but the land remained barren. For a season the Gods rested, until a new sound was heard -- the sound of birds, and of growing grass. Swiftly they left their halls and travelled to the very ends of HQ, where they saw a marvellous forest. Passing through, they came to a small pool, by which they found Rhodes, a new God of whom none had previously known. While Rhodes slept, the world blossomed around him, but when the Gods awoke him, all began to die. For six months Rhodes feasts with the Gods while the trees shed their leaves and the flowers wilt, and for six months he sleeps beside his pool while the green world flourishes.


The Gods looked out over their dominion and found it good, but it seemed empty still. One night, while the Gods slept, Luxury came and passed her veil over the eyes of Dafydd and his sister Constance. Gently awakening them, she slipped away, so none were watching as the pair saw one another with new sight, and embraced one another with new passion. When the morning came, the Gods were awoken by a new sound: the crying of an infant, the first human. None would claim him, and so the child was cast out into the wilderness.

For six consecutive nights Dafydd and Constance embraced in secret, and on six consecutive mornings the Gods found a new infant in their midst, and on six consecutive afternoons the children were sent from the Hall of the Gods. On the seventh night, ere the Gods went to their rest, Sub Rosa spoke to Dafydd and Constance.

"For five days I have watched you in silence," she said, "and for five nights I have heard your embraces. Let that be an end to it, else I will reveal all."

That seventh morning the Gods were awoken by a far older sound: the cry of battle. The Mysterious Somebody had come upon them in the night, and they were defended only by the Mini-Balrogs -- and the humans. The Bracket Fungus had crept close to the humans and sought to bring them to death, but Cam had come upon him before he could complete his gruesome design. Now the humans were full-grown, and they were mighty warriors. With the aid of Jay and Acacia the Mysterious Somebody was driven away a third time, and in recognition of their valour the humans were granted leave to live upon HQ.

From Jay and Acaicia they received gifts of weapons against the Sues, and Makes-Things taught them the craft to make more. Though the shadow of decay from the Bracket Fungus ever hung over them, Fitzgerald gave them healing and renewed strength. The Floating Hyacinth gave them the right to drink of her waters, and to feast on the living things which sprang from the absent Rhodes. Bast gifted them with plenty, that they might feast at their victories, and her brother Kit, with whom she was ever at odds, gave them poverty, that their hardships might strengthen them. From Sub Rosa they were granted knowledge to know the evil of Sues, while from the Sunflower Official came light to show them their way through the Multiverse. From Luxury they received the gift of love for one another, and from Dafydd and Constance, the gift of fertility, that they might multiply and defend the worlds.

Now the Sues of the Mysterious Somebody do ever stalk the worlds, but by the blessings of the Gods we still stand against them.

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