The PPC Computer Game
Never before has the PPC been interactive (except to Agents and, of course, 'Sues), but now anyone can be an Agent. Sort of. You'll have to look and see.
In this stunning visual extravaganza, you, yes, YOU can become an Agent of the renowned Protectors of the Plot Continuum. During your tenure in HQ, you will kill Mary-Sues, meet some of the PPC's most famous Agents, explore the mysterious grey corridors that the organisation is run from, and even encounter the most famous Flower of all -- the Sunflower Official.

Surprisingly, all of the above is true. Except for the bit about a 'stunning visual extravaganza'.

The game is, we hope, self-explanatory. It has a help file included which should clear up some of the minor issues, and frankly, isn't all that difficult. The tricky bit is trying to find your way around HQ -- never an easy task. Still, in case of any lingering issues, we've included a FAQ further down this page. But first, the important thing:

Download the PPC Computer Game HERE

The game is downloaded in a .zip file. When you unzip it, you get a .exe program. Simply run the program, and there's the game. Enjoy!
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I save my game?
You... don't. Um. Sorry, I'm not really too good at using this program. But you can always restart the level from the main menu -- nothing you do gets transferred between levels, so you don't lose anything by that. Except progress within a level. Sorry.
Doesn't that mean I can win the game just by playing Level 7?
Well, yes, technically. But that's boring.
I'm stuck on Level 5! How do I find [Insert Thing Here]?
That would be telling. In most cases, you were given a hint on what to do in the last thing you were told. The only exception that occurs to me is the camera. In that specific case, I will offer this advice: who have you met who took a photo while you were present? But other than that, I'm not telling. If in doubt, though: talk to everyone (don't you hate me?). And everything.
I'm stuck somewhere else!
See the above. There's not really much 'stuck' you can get, though.
No, really stuck. The game glitched and I'm sitting on a wall.
Ah, yes. Press F2 and restart the room.
The game keeps giving me the same message! I can't get it to stop!
This is a known issue (sigh...). There's no real solution -- like I say, I'm not very good at this. My own tactic is to keep hitting return and an arrow key away from the thing you're interacting with. If you try hard enough, you might get a movement in between message prompts. It's a bit tricky, though (or rather, complete luck). The alternative is to use Ctrl-Alt-Del to close the game, which might not really appeal to you.
You got something wrong.
Two answers to this, depending on what it is. In most cases, it's simply a mistake, and I apologise. However, in some cases -- what you're doing on Level 5 conflicts with the Canon events of that timeframe -- there is an in-game explanation.
When is the game set?
In the first half of March 2006, or in other words, shortly before the release of the first issue of the Multiverse Monitor.
Are the events of the game Canon?
They are while they're happening. That in-game explanation for Level 5 that I mentioned has an effect on that, though.
I can't work out the map of HQ!
There isn't one. The majority of the doors you'll pass through have random destinations. The exception is Level 2, which is mappable. But other than that -- come on, this is the PPC! You know you can never get where you're going.
Who are all these people?
Most of them are just Generic PPCers. Some of them are named cameos of Agents. A couple are unnamed cameos -- the girl with the stripy hair is one. There's one person in HQ who isn't part of the PPC Canon, but I felt like putting her in. She's wearing red.
Why are the graphics so awful?
Because I suck at making games. Next!
You said there're new things on the bonus level -- where are they?
You're really boring, you know that? All right, I'll tell you. To find one, you should go swimming in the Fountain of Bleepka. You might need to get changed first. For the rest, you'll need to crawl back through the tunnels you used to get to Starwind's Response Centre. There's several in the corridors before there. Other than that, there's a few changes to people's responses, but I can't remember any other changes. It's a good time to explore, though, huh?
Will there be a sequel?
Look at it this way: this game has something like a hundred rooms, six hundred objects, and three hundred sprites. Do you really think I'm going to make a sequel? It's very unlikely. If it does happen, it'll probably be based around a mission, or several missions. But it probably won't.