PPC Risk
Risk. The final frontier. These are the voyages of- no, sorry, that's something else.

Risk is a board game of world - or, as it may be, headquarters - domination. Players compete to control the entire board - whether that board represents a planet, or something... else.

... PPC HQ. I'm talking about PPC HQ Risk.
The rules of PPC HQ Risk are very simple: they're exactly the same as those of regular Risk, with two exceptions (which are written in big letters on the board itself). The game features six 'continents' - HQ, Departments, the DMS, Medical, DAVD and DoSaT - and 32 rooms (or 'countries') within them. The cards for the game are split into three types - DMS, DBS and DIC - with two wild cards to round them out. Other than that, what is there to say?