PPC: The Original Series - Badfic Archive
The Original Series of PPC stories, starring Agents Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd, are the basis for the entire PPC, and classics in their own right. It sometimes occurs, however, that we want to read the other side of the equation: the badfics that the Assassins killed.

Most of these stories no longer exist in their entirety, but pieces of several have been recovered - and are gathered here in one place for the first time.

Thanks go to Neshomeh for archiving TOS itself, and to the Irish Samauri, Lily Winterwood, and Huinesoron (me!) for locating the fragments of the badfics...
Mission 1: Rambling Band
While 'Rambling Band' itself is lost, the first two chapters survive here in the form of a partial MST by Acacia.

The reconstructed badfic is here.
Mission 2: Chosen
'Chosen' survives intact - as far as it was ever written, in the form of an MST by Al's Waiter, here.

The reconstructed badfic is here.
'And In The Darkness Bind Them' is still available through Fanfiction.net, here.

The archived version of the badfic is here.
Mission 8: Why am I Here
Mission 10: Vacation at OFUM
'Vacation at OFUM' is a non-mission story taking place in the fanfiction 'The Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth', available here. Read and enjoy!
Mission 11: Mithril
Mission 12: Gwendolyn
Mission 13: All Souls Night
'All Soul's Night' survives intact on fanfiction.net, here. There is even a sequel, Once Upon A Time.
Mission 14: Sisterhood
'Sisterhood of the Fellowship' survives in apparently partial form as an MST by Even*, available here.

The reconstructed text of the first two chapters is here.
Mission 15: The Maiden
Mission 16: We Cannot Be
'We Cannot Be' survives intact to the point of abandonment in the form of an MST by Drew, here.
Mission 17: Darkness Awakened
Mission 18: Two Worlds
Mission 19: Torment
Mission 21: The Dark Elf
Mission 22: Elemental Crystals
Mission 24: A Taste of Blood
Mission 25: Broken Doll
Mission 26: No Way Back