The PPC Community
The often-bizarre people behind the PPC multiverse(s).

Community Activities
Records of real events in the community.
The PPC argues with a published author
PPCers roleplay as the Fellowship of the Ring... kinda.
Snow brings out the dramatic in us all.
Crafted in 2008, restored in 2018.

Alternate Communities
What if... the PPC community was totally different?
A message-board for recognisers of the importance of the endeavours of the Transfictional Canonical Defence Authority.
What if... PPC Boarders were Time Lords?
What if... the idea of the PPC had arisen in Shakespeare's time?
An island-nation of brave knights, fighting the Marizu who plague the lands of Weab.
What if... PPCers were cities on an island whose geography was determined by their political views?
Young Wizards fanfic - PPCers on Ordeal.