PPC Gatherings
Hanging out with the Protectors.

PPC Gatherings
The members of the PPC don't often meet up in person. But when we do, it's crazy fun!
Look out Oxford -- Here we come!
The Assassins Take On the Capital
English-Elf Not Quite In New York
WARNING: May Contain... Tourism | Ducks | Agents | Officials | Nonsense | Nuts
London! (Yes, Again)
Our Shoes Making Walking Tiring
There And Back Again: A PPCer's Tale
Distracted by a Thing
Gatherdammerung: Twilight of the Nerds
Hey! Hey, Oxford! Guess who's back!
I like this place, and willingly could waste my time in it

Hypothetical Gatherings
Yes, but what if instead of meeting up there, we'd met up... here?
This planet ain't big enough for us...
Space: not such a final frontier after all.
Well, we were like halfway there already.
The world's most ridiculous road trip...
... until this one came about!