PPC Histories
How the PPC got where it is.

Everything starts somewhere...
August 2013
The Sunflower Official's Tale
The Big Thorn's Tale
The Floating Hyacinth's Tale
The Marquis de Sod's Tale
The Tiger Lily's Tale
Captain Dandy's Tale
Hornbeam's Tale
The Sub Rosa's Tale
The Queen Anne's Lace's Tale
August 2013
The original short tale

Lofty Skies
The Protectors of the Plot Continuum stand alone against Uncanon. What could possibly go wrong?
The start of the Golden Age of the PPC.

The Reorganisation
The Golden Age begun in Lofty Skies lasted for seven years. Now, it's time for it to end.
All things must change.

Crashing Down
Times have been hard for the PPC. Resources are at an all-time low, and the 'Sues are as numerous as ever. Now an enemy they thought long dead and gone has come back to haunt them...
They're back.

A Comprehensive History of the PPC
A complete history from the beginning of Origins to 2012
Beginnings and becomings.