PPC Missions
Leaping into badfic head-first.

Tales from DOGA
The missions and other adventures of Agent Dafydd Illian and his friends.
The First DOGA Tale
Our First Kill
Another 'Sue bites the dust
In between missions, Dafydd and Selene wander HQ
Let's hunt some 'Sue
Death on the Discworld
Death, meet 'Sue. 'Sue, meet Death
A badfic, in the PPC? Surely not!
Dafydd and Vemi encounter Harry (a potter) and Worm...tongue or something.
Where is Selene these days?
Selene returns to face Princess Sue
Canon? What's that?
Elf and Drow versus Werewolf
She can do what now?
What do you do after a mission like that?
Definitely not an ominous title at all
A triple mission in a newly-opened fandom
DOGA versus a legendary evil
Dafydd and Constance encounter the Multiverse Monitor
No words...
Day Shall Come Again

Two unwilling Floaters - Kaitlyn and Selene.
An Unexpected Transfer
Lord of the Rings and... Frozen(?)
In which Lust Objects and Favourites become critically relevant.
Bizarre crossover or mini breeding ground? You decide.
In which moral quandaries surrounding the treatment of eleven-year-old girls are resolved.
Who knew Bellatrix Lestrange just needed a hug?
In which endless powers =/= character.
In which there is much alcohol.
Agent Kaitlyn has an encounter in HQ.
Wormtongue slash? Wormtongue slash.
In which feminism could do with better planning.
Something pays the agents a visit.
Kaitlyn & Selene.
Because why not visit a canon you've never heard of?
We've spent a lot of time populating the Miss Cam Courtyard, haven't we?
Kaitlyn & Huinesoron
Kaitlyn & Huinesoron
Obsolete technology and a mini-Balrog's heir.

Technically an AU, only sort of not - the confusing missions of Narto and Lou.
Newbies in DOGA
Something off-kilter in the Undying Lands
PPCing on request
A piece of history
Dimension-hopping taken to its logical extent
Waiting for the Western glow
The Heir to Mordor must come forth... and be judged

Apples & Oranges
Looking back on the PPC of 1999
(Spinoff Prologue) One of the DMS' last trios has its final mission
The first mission of the DMS: Animorphs division
Alex & Sam take on a not-that-badfic
Crossovers have Suvians too

An Agent without a partner - Huinesoron of DOGA
Teaming up with the Department of WhatThe
Getting muddy with the Department of Character Protective Services
Being baffled by the Department of Finance

Ambling Entertainment
From DMS to DBS - Agents Sandra and Freckles.
Agents Sandra and Freckles (DMS)
Sandra tackles a mission with some... unusual assistance
Sandra and Freckles transfer to the DBS
The agents take on a bad romance

DOGA's second team, the missions of Takua and Jareth.
A new team, a new terror
One chapter of pure madness
Why uploading to the right fandom is important

Elsewhere in Action
Stories from the PPC's other Action Departments.
Constance and Steve, Assassins of the PPC (DMS)
Constance, Aella and the Young Wizards Canon (DMS)
A glimpse at some of the PPC's defunct departments.
A look into the DCPS
Chevy DuChevy and Hejsdfnk Wwerbj (DMS)

The many-headed Spy - Kyaris.
Time Lords, wizards, and one irritable hydra.
Galadriel can create portals. What more needs saying?
A rescue mission and a requested report.
In which Loki tortures people, and Odin is totally down with that.

Department of WhatThe
On the extreme frontier - "What the...?"
A return from death
A new Department is founded
A first mission, with major headaches
The DW encounter Bible fanfic
How is a Monty Python Sue even possible?
Legal sends a message
Teaming up with DAVD for an unusual mission

Not The DIO
Nothing to see here. ~Justin Agent
A pure fantasy, this one.
There's no such thing as the DIO.
You might as well not bother reading.
... all right, I give up.
What Happened Next.