Other PPC Fiction
Back in Headquarters.

Continuity Council
The adventures and arguments of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile.
The founding of the Council
Minutes of the first meeting
Metatemporal events and unreal timelines
A canon Big Reveal has repercussions in the PPC
Couldn't the multiverse be a better place?
A trip in a TARDIS takes a turn for the caffeinated
The Council has another meeting, and things get a bit crazy (off-site link)
Morgan reacts to the release of Hell Bent.
A new series of Who sparks - what else? - bickering.
The Doctor needs to break the Laws of Time, and calls on the Continuity Council to help (off-site link)

Tales from the less well-known Infrastructure Departments.
The Department of Redundancy Department
Life in the DRD
Life in the DRD, continued
The Repetitive Department of Repetition.
The Department of Dead Author Electricity Generation.
Agents Talia, Black, and Irvine.
A glimpse into the Canon Library.
A new collection at the Musee des Univers Perdus.

Radio Nutmeg
The PPC's number one radio network.
Broadcast 1
Broadcast 2
Broadcast 3

Nutmeg branches out into television.
Radio Nutmeg branches out into television.
Nutmeg Television continues its attempted dominance of the HQ market.
Live reporting on NTV's (simulated!) Hunger Games.
The overly-long report on the third season of NTV's Hunger Games.
The even longer report on the fourth season of NTV's Hunger Games.
Dafydd Illian presents the fifth season of NTV's Hunger Games.

Dafydd Illian's latest endeavor.
Episode 1.
Episode 2.
Episode 3.
Episode 4.
Episode 6.
Episode 7 (Christmas Special).

What goes on when work is done.
An epic tale of... well, exactly what it says on the tin.
A swansong, a royal swan, a whole flight.
Reactions to new PPC missions in early 2015.
Similar reactions from late 2015.
A romp through HQ, featuring every single one of my characters. Written for my 15th year in the PPC.
An argument about age draws in a range of nosy agents.
Every ninety years twelve gods return as young people. It's happening now. It's happening... here?
A piratical reunion, written for my 20th year in the PPC.

The Flowers
What the bosses get up to when the agents aren't around.
An origin story.
Another origin story.
March 2008 - the Flowers take a day off.
Or, what happens when your Department gets decimated and nobody cares.
Reactions to the Swansong.
Conversations at Club Chlorophyll.

Agents' lives after moving on.
2006 - Dafydd & Constance.
2006 - Dafydd & Constance.
2006 - Dafydd & Constance.
2006 - Dafydd & Constance & guests.
2006 - Dafydd & Constance.
2006 - Dafydd & Constance.
2007 - Nyx & Dassie.
2007 - Dafydd & Constance.
2009 - Selene.
2009 - Constance & Steve.
2011/2004 - Nyx.
2012 - Jay & Acacia
2012 - Dafydd & Constance.
2013 - Narto & Lou, Dafydd & Constance.
2013 - Constance & Steve.
2013 - Selene.
2013/2020 - Tango, Morgan.
2014 - Children of the agents
2014 - Nyx & Tango.
2017 - Dafydd & Constance, Huinesoron & Kaitlyn.
2018 - Elanor & Mortic.
2018 - Narto & Lou.
2018 - Narto & Lou.
2019 - Elanor & Mortic.
2019 - Dafydd & Constance.
2021 - Dafydd, Constance, and the kids.

The PPC Playscripts
A different format for PPC storytelling.
PPC, an Playescripte!
Thee Exciteing Sequel!.
They arre backe again!

HQ's Bookshelf
Essays, proposals, and scientific papers from the PPC's agents.
A look into the mind of DOGA's Agent Dafydd, by Terri Ryan.
Agent Morgan's investigation into a disturbing phenomenon.
Agent Morgan investigates possible Time Lord interference with World One.
Agent Morgan discusses the state of her homeworld.
Agent Kayleigh introduces a new concept.
An examination of the current state of Multiverse Theory.
The first issue of the Department of Analytical Science's journal.
An invaluable and only slightly outdated guide to the PPC's city in New Caledonia.
The REAL Multiverse Monitor rifles through the PPC's mailbag.
The Department of Analytical Science vs. the Multiverses
All-HQ Boat Race + The Monsters of DAS + Time: A SCAM???
Baster Weekend Special!!
A Doriathrin Night's Dream