About Huinesoron
Who is to blame?
The Name
Huinesoron comes from the Quenya words for 'shadow' and 'eagle' smooshed together into something that's surprisingly hard to pronounce ('hui' not coming naturally to the English-speaking tongue - it's 'HWEE-neh-sore-on', for the record). I created it in 2002, as an email address to discuss the upcoming release of The Two Towers, and it has stuck ever since.

I normally translate it as 'Eagleshade' these days, but it means a little more than that.

It means the moment when you feel a shadow pass over you, and look up to see the great wings of a Messenger flying on some grand errand.

It means the servant of the West who keeps to the shadows, dark-feathered and secret-hearted, but still ever faithful.

It means the black murk where even the Eagles dare not go, the darkness that you can taste on every breath as it oozes into you.

(It means I was at least bright enough to pick two words from the same language, even if they don't exactly sit together that well...)

Ultimately, pretty much exclusively on the internet as far as I know, Huinesoron means... me.
The Elf
Huinesoron was born in the bliss of Aman, under the blessed light of the Two Trees, Laurelin and Telperion. He was raised in the gleaming city of Tirion-upon-T�na, and grew tall and fair in the passing years.

Then came the Darkening, and the endless Night when F�anor, son of the king, called the Noldor to rebellion. Drawn along by the spirit of the night, Huinesoron took up sword and bow, and holding high his torch he followed in the company of Finarfin, who his family had known of old.

In the chill of Araman, Huinesoron listened in fear to the Doom of Mandos, yet he did not turn back, pledging his faith to Finrod, Finarfin's son. He followed his new king through the bitterness of Helcarax�, fought at his side in the Lammoth, and rode with him to lay the foundations of Minas Tirith on Tol Sirion.

As an artist and warrior, Huinesoron laboured hard in the construction and defence of Nargothrond, and for happy centuries he dwelt there. Yet in the 455th Year of the Sun the Siege of Angband was broken, and Morgoth's hosts came forth in fire and ruin. Finrod's army marched north from Nargothrond, yet Huinesoron was not with them: he had been visiting with Angrod and Aegnor's people in Dorthonion, and fought in their host during the terror of the Sudden Flame.

He died there - not nobly, not gloriously, but thrown down and crushed underfoot by a Balrog of Morgoth. His spirit fled to the Halls of Mandos, and in that grey realm he lingered for Ages of the world.

Yet in time and by the grace of Nienna he was healed, both of his hurts and of his wrongdoing. Huinesoron returned to life, and was reunited with his family and his king, dwelling once more in the Undying Lands.

And there it might have ended... save that Huinesoron had not grown tired of the Mortal Lands, and his mother was of the sea-faring Teleri of Alqualond�. Long did he debate with himself, knowing the rebellion he was pondering, yet in time the call of the Sea became irresistable. In a ship built by his own hands, Huinesoron sailed out of the Bay of Eldamar, past the Lonely Isle of Tol Eress�a, and down the Straight Road to Middle-earth.
The Man
Hi! I'm Huinesoron. I was born in the mid-1980s, in Britain, which is a wonderful island rich in history (England, now, England I can take or leave). I am a regulatory chemist by trade, a scientist by nature, and a writer by hobby.

I first set foot on the fandom side of the internet when I was 16 or so, delving into Discworld fanfiction. A friend introduced me to Fanfiction.net, and I was soon deep into the Lord of the Rings fanfic community. I have a 50+ chapter story about Legolas throwing pancakes to prove it. ^_^

I happened upon the Protectors of the Plot Continuum through Miss Cam's Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth (which I found when someone noted that I had a mini-Balrog in my story), and after pilfering a few ideas for my own stories, was invited to join the PPC Board right around Talk Like A Pirate Day 2003. I have stayed there ever since.

Who I am - what makes me me - has changed over the years. For a few years, I was a Mormon, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For over a decade now, I have been married to someone I met through the PPC, and we have two moderately-delightful children to prove it. My writing has shifted from fanfic to original fic (and back) several times, I've had high and low periods of PPC writing, and recently I've wound up branching out into drawing as well - but the heart of me is still the same. I write. I create. And I think.