Site Disclaimer
Huinesoron's Webplex contains a wide variety of material, a fair amount based on worlds and stories created by other people. While the more recent additions are credited inline, older material often does not have its source listed. Therefore, a number of disclaimers seem appropriate:
All published material used or mentioned, including but not limited to The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars, remains the property of its original creator and/or legal owner. Nothing on this site should be construed to indicate a claim of ownership. Huinesoron's Webplex is a non-monetary enterprise, and the use of copyright material is deemed to fall under fair use.
All fanfiction referenced in PPC missions on this site remains the property of its creator, in the usual manner for fanfic. It is quoted, paraphrased and dissected here for the purposes of parody and humour; no claim of ownership is made by Huinesoron or any other members of the PPC.
The Protectors of the Plot Continuum is the creation of Jay and Acacia, who graciously allowed the community to continue writing in their setting. Huinesoron was granted permission to write for the PPC by the community. Any PPC concepts and characters created by other members of the community are used only by permission of their creators.
Some parts of the Webplex consist of archives of other writers' work. These remain the property of their creators, and are hosted here only to keep them from dropping off the internet.
Where not covered by the above disclaimers, or other potential disclaimers not mentioned, the works on this website are copyright Huinesoron, who asserts the right to be recognised as their creator. While this website is maintained, they should not be reposted on the internet.
Huinesoron's PPC works comprise a single, consistent canon, tied together by common characters and a shared model of the PPC multiverse(s). Every effort has been made to keep this consistent with the rest of the canon material in the PPC sandbox; however, due to the decentralised nature of PPC writing, this is probably impossible.