Site History
Huinesoron's Webplex (formerly the DOGAplex) has a long history, going back to 2004 (or perhaps even 2003). Since you have clicked on this page, you are either lost (in which case click here for the front page), or interested in that history for some unfathomable reason. If that's you... read on!
Version 1: Bonsai Mallorn (2003/4-2008)
The first DOGA website was created by Raven Firedragon (creator of Agent Selene) as a gift for Huinesoron. She left soon after, but the Bonsai Mallorn website continued to expand. Everything was accessed through a single page, and while the colour occasionally changed (I believe it was red at one point), the site as a whole was fairly basic.

Due to the limit of 50 pages per site on freewebs, Bonsai Mallorn soon boasted a host of sub- and spinoff sites (imaginatively named things like 'bonsaimallorn2').
Extant examples: The Temple of GreyLadyBast.
Version 2: The DOGAplex (2008-2012)
Eventually, the web of sites became too big for a single-page index to hold. They were harmonised and reinvented as the DOGAplex, with different colour-coding for different types of page.

The DOGAplex saw a move towards simpler pages, with sans-serif fonts and notably less images. It also introduced the two-tone setup that is still used in parts of the Webplex, with the content in a single giant table cell on a background of a contrasting colour. Some parts of the DOGAplex used background images, inspired by the now-defunct PPC Manual.
Extant example: Alternate PPCs.
Version 3: Huinesoron's Webplex (2012-2018)
With most of my PPC missions increasingly hosted on Google Docs, revamping the DOGAplex became a much less intimidating prospect. I decided to reclaim my old Huinesoron namespace on Freewebs, making it the hub of a new, expanded Webplex. That gave me space to link in things beyond the PPC theme of the DOGAplex.

In an effort to bring in more structure, I took the 'tables' concept to its limit. Every part of the Webplex hub is a set of nested tables, diving everything up neatly. I also doubled down on the background images, spreading a paper-like background under the entire site.
Extant examples: Netilardo.
Version 4: The New Webplex (2018-Present)
You Are Here. ^_^

The collapse of Photobucket in 2017 led to something of a crisis for the Webplex. I had images scattered throughout the sites, including multiple archives of older webpages. All of them would need rehosting, and manually replacing in the pages.

Since I was doing all that, I figured it would be worth my while updating the pages they were running on, too. I made use of things I'd been taught - the entire Webplex runs on a 12-column CSS grid system now - and looked up what else modern web design was doing. That led to graphical icons, clean design (no more background pictures!), and a focus on ensuring everything was readable across different devices. I've always hated frames (though I have experimented with them before), but I deemed it worthwhile to work in an actual menu bar and copyright footer.

There is more on the current Webplex than ever before, reflecting my diversifying interests and activities. It's not perfect, but hopefully it's an interesting place to spend a while exploring.

Oh, and yes: the green is Huinesoron Green, or what happens when you shove the word 'Huinesoron' into an HTML RGB colour tag. ~hS
Extant examples: Huinesoron's Webplex.