Project Messiah
From 2001 to 2010, I worked sporadically on a long tale of war, psychics, and high technology. The whole thing was repeatedly revised, and only a single long story was ever completed.

It seems highly unlikely I will ever pick up the tale again, but for the sake of anyone who's really interested... this is the history of Project Messiah.

The Ethrax Files
The original tale, beginning on Earth and travelling to the stars.
A late (early 2005) addition to the story, this prologue sets up some of the later villains.
The original story, complete at 16K words. The only long story in the sequence ever to be completed. Written from 2001-2003, mostly longhand, partly on a mountain in Wales, partly in an alpine valley in Switzerland. Includes 'datafiles' on Second Messiah and the Psychic Corps.
An odd little document, the beginning of an attempted 'movie script' for Messiah Reborn. Dated to early 2003, but never very long.
My first attempt to rework the opening of Messiah Reborn, dating from 2004. The ten pages of this version cover the first three and a half sides of the original. Most of the extension is in the departure from London.
The third version shifted the events of MR forward by fifty years, to make room for World War Three in between. It also switched the nations involved around - the enemy is now the USA, while Project Messiah travel to Canada. Significantly, Alice has vanished from the team - she reappears instead as a Lieutenant-General in the Canadian armed forces. This version runs up to just before the attack on the White House (equivalent to the attack on the embassy in the original), but with some jumps.
Created in early 2003, this interlude introduces the League of Silent Justice to the canon. They were intended to play a major role in the next part of the story.
Never very long, 'Defender' was supposed to be a major part of the story, filling a gap between Messiah Reborn and the destruction of the Earth in the later parts. Written over the course of 2003.
Actually the oldest part of the story, written for school around 2000, and not foreseen as part of a longer tale.
A superficial reworking of 'Apocalypse Now', bringing it more in line with the overall plot. Dates to mid-2003.
A more complete rewrite, bringing in more of the Second Messiah characters, but never finished. Early 2005.
Actually the very latest Project Messiah document, dating to 2010, this short rewrite is the only indicator that I once considered renaming the group as Project Lighthouse.
The intended third major part of the story, begun in mid-2003 but never finished. It may have started as a sequel to 'Apocolypse Now', but if so that version is now lost. It picks up the action on Humanity's new home, a world known as Sanctuary.
An interlude showcasing what the team got up to between the later parts of the story - space construction, apparently. Written in very early 2003. Includes a set of notes on the twelve Zodiac spacecraft.
The final part of the tale, never written very far. Continuing the sci-fi setting of OSC, the future of the plot was never really hammered out. It may have involved time travel into the distant future, and the introduction of a Pure Psychic named Andromeda Ethrax... if so, no record of the proposed plot remains.

Messiah's Quest
A full rework of the story, altering the structure of the whole tale, under the title Messiah's Quest.
Carrying over the revised setting and expanding immensely on it, this is the most comprehensive rewrite I did. It runs far past the others, reaching the introduction of the Project Messiah (no longer Second Messiah) Psychic Corps - approximately two-thirds of the way through the original narrative, introducing a whole set of new characters along the way. It actually runs to more than twice the length of the original - nearly 40,000 words - but is still far from complete. Included at the end are various notes on the end of the story.
The never-written second part of the new 3-part structure, this exists only as a few scattered notes. It was essentially a relocation of Our Second Chance and Sanctuary in Flames to the Sol system.
A projection of the story backwards in time, exploring the details of WWIII.

American Warfare
Taking up the prequel setting of Power's Fall and expanding it.
The various sections of the novel in progress.
Sundry notes from the construction of the storyline.
Pure plotless worldbuilding: an outline of the hypothetical World Wars 3 to 9.