PPC Games
Literally playing in the PPC sandbox.

The PPC Badfic Game
Every year, the Board lets its inner badficcers out.
One of the very first (deliberate) PPC Badfics.
Not the same as the (in)famous Fanfiction.net, this website hosted and archived the PPC Badfic Contests from 2006-2009.
The successor to Fanfic Land, ffW took up the archiving in 2012-13.
After the long Liechtensteinian occupation, PPC fanfic is free to breathe once more. All badfic games up to 2021 are archived as part of ffV.

The PPC Shipfest
Why should fictional characters get all the fun? We deserve shipping too!
The 2014 edition of the PPC Shipfest.
Archiving every surviving Shipfest story, 2004-2021.
The very first PPC game.
The one and only PPC Computer Game.
It's like a trading card game, but... worse.
A dodgy Javascript shipping generator.
Spoilers: HQ doesn't actually make an interesting Risk board.
Originally invented by Lily Winterwood, but fully designed by Huinesoron.
A more game-like 'ship pairing generator.
Inspired by an ancient Livejournal game, the PPC Board as a dungeon crawl.