Protectors of the Plot Continuum
Saving the Word Worlds from badfic
The core of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum is the missions its agents undertake, travelling into bad fanfiction and eliminating the threat.
The history of the PPC is a long, convoluted story. These are my attempts to tell just some of it.
It's not all missions and grand events. This is what happens in PPC Headquarters the rest of the time.
What if things had gone differently? The PPC could be an unfamiliar place.
Portraits of the agents, and links to their stories.
OFUDisc and Ispace share a multiverse with the PPC, but they have their own troubles.
In-character reviews of PPC missions.
Where the PPC's agents go to worship. Occasionally. If they happen to think of it.
Information on characters and timelines in my PPC stories.
The fine/bonkers folks behind all this.
Games played by the PPC community - or occasionally by its agents!
What happens when PPC members meet up? Insanity, madness, and hijinks, of course!
Baron Huinesoron's compendium and cyclopaedia concerning the noble Protectorate of Plort, Konti-Nyuum.
Files and websites from the history of the PPC, preserved for posterity.
Links to other sections of the PPC's internet presence, including our home on the PPC Board.